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This was definitely one of the most interesting rooms I have ever done and was so much fun to declutter and organise for that very reason! With extensive renovations happening in the rest of the house, plus two small children and a kitten in the mix, this had slowly but surely become a place to put things when you just don't know where else to put them.

Originally a bedroom, my clients wanted to be able to use this space primarily as a woodwork room and the cupboards for extra storage of things they don't use every day, like special occasion clothes, stationary and paperwork.

This couple were AMAZING during the decluttering phase and thanks to their quick decision making about what to keep and what to let go of, this room was completed in only 7 hours with so much laughter along the way :)

I am so please with the results and I think the photos really speak for themselves, so check out ALL the before and afters, the transformation is pretty dramatic!

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